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Chivalry Isn’t Dead, But I Wish It Were

I wish chivalry would just kick the bucket already. Continue reading

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Girl Hate

Think about “how much more kick-ass we could all be if we just stopped tearing each other down.”  – GirlHate.com There may not be any proof of an uptick in actual girl-on-girl violent crime. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t … Continue reading

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Does Discussing Hijab Prevent or Perpetuate Islamophobia?

The traditional head-covering worn by some Muslim women is heatedly-debated. Is it oppressive and isolating for women, or freeing and liberating? Continue reading

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She Was Not Asking For It!

Date rape in general is a disturbing topic, but “The Real Date Rape Drug“, a post on Time magazine’s blog, Wellness, is bothering me for another reason. This particular take on the results of a new study is a classic … Continue reading

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The F Word

I’m a feminist. There, I said it. For so many (especially young) women, this is–unfortunately–a difficult statement to make, simply because too many people misunderstand the F word. Take, for example, what happened to me yesterday. I went out for … Continue reading

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