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It’s Official, I’m a Social Media Nerd

I’m sure it started as something no one else really wanted to do. Social media became one of the day-to-day responsibilities of the assistant editor I eventually replaced. I took over half-heartedly, following her instructions by the book. Using Facebook … Continue reading

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An Experiment

What does our taste in music say about our personalities Continue reading

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Unabashedly self-promoting…

Just did a massive update to the links and other content on my website. Lots of new links from my work at Why not go take a look around?

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One Man’s Trash

During my senior year at journalism school at NYU, I wrote the following piece about freegans, dumpster diving, and the Freegan Bike Workshop in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Recently, the mother of one of the sources quoted in the piece contacted me. … Continue reading

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Virtual Morality

A recent study, conducted by researchers at Michigan State University and published in the research journal Sex Roles, explores how children’s moral attitudes and behaviors carry over from the real world to the virtual one. Researchers polled over 500 12-year-old … Continue reading

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OMG, txting is good 4 u!

I’m not the biggest fan of texting, but I can hold my own. My younger brother on the other hand, is a texting fiend, his used Crackberry buzzing during dinner, movies, and I’m sure class and exams. I used to … Continue reading

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