“Expert to discuss dos and don’ts in fashion for attending sports games”

That’s the subject line of an  email sent to me Friday.

The PR pitch person went on to write:

“The NFL has just launched a women’s line in the same vein as the NBA’s NBA4HER line to target women who may be more fashion-conscious but still want to represent their team’s logos.”

I wasn’t aware that there was a national crisis over how women dress to watch their favorite sports games. While I can appreciate jerseys in women’s sizes, the NFL’s new line also includes nail polish, body scrubs, and other team-branded nonsense that has nothing to do with football. Because clearly there is something inherently un-womanly about the way women currently enjoy sports and support their favorite teams. This line is imagining women who will spend hours swiping credit cards in stadium gift shops rather than sit in the stands. Last time I checked, that’s not why people go to football games.

The article is full of jaw-dropping quotes like:

”We’re giving women the opportunity to be themselves and still love the game.”


“The tag line reads: ‘Who says football isn’t pretty?'”

Women who love the game are already being themselves. Why does the NFL have a problem with that?

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