“The 50 Fattiest Foods in the States” Goes Viral

Almost an entire year ago, sitting around the table in the conference room that overlooks Radio City Music Hall, the Health.com editors came up with a brilliant idea. What if we called out different states for their particularly unhealthy regional fare?

We tossed out suggestions, shared our own gross-out moments, and even reveled in some of the hometown delicacies that we dared to–gasp!–enjoy.

When the project was handed over to me, I had so much fun reading the Twitter replies to @goodhealth and browsing through food blogs that the regional foods idea quickly evolved into finding the fattiest foods native to each state. I found myself simultaneously disgusted at some of the combinations I came across–notably the fried-brain sandwich and the bacon-wrapped meatloaf–and yet strangely hungry at the same time.

The finished product hit the web this week with an exclusive reveal in USA Today, which was in turn picked up by various other local, national, and international news sources. I know journalists are supposed to be unbiased, but this video has got to be my favorite.

It’s been really exciting to watch an article I wrote receive such momentous attention, as well as to see the incredible traffic this opportunity has generated for Health.com.

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