Model Madness Part Deux

Saturday, America’s Next Top Model held a redo of the open-call auditions for runway hopefuls under 5’7″.

By all reports, the audition was a far-cry from the violent stampede that the March 14th first attempt disolved into.

However, there was far less publicity, both on television and online. I wouldn’t have known about it until reading the news that everything went smoothly, had I not been passing by the location by chance that morning.

On my way to model tryouts, Part 1

At just before 6 a.m., I longingly stared out the window of a cab on my way to Penn Station for a weekend in New Jersey. For a split second I thought of abandoning my plans in the Armpit of America to try my luck for a second time at the model thang. At that time, I would have been close to the front of the line: there were roughly 100 young women waiting in line, carefully barricaded by metal fences and police officers.

I figured that the crowd would turn out in full force, with women eager for their second chance. But UPI estimates that there were only around 500 hopefuls in line! 500!?!? There were an estimated 10,000 a month ago! People like me, dying just to show a fierce runway walk to one single television producer, were given a second chance that they didn’t know about. What good is that, Tyra?

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